White on White by Théo Court

Film by Théo Court

(Spain, Chile, France, Germany)

Pomme Hurlante Films - Blanco en blanco - Théo Court


An end-of-century aura hovers in the last corner of the word, in La Tierra Del Fuego. The mariage of an omnipotent latifundista, owner of these lands snatched from the native inhabitants, lands now imbued with violence, is about to take place. A photographer, in his fifties, arrives to immortalize the union. With him travels a young girl, the future wife, who’s magnetic beauty obsesses him.

It is an obsession that leads him to enter into a pact, where in exchange for betraying the forces of power, he is able to satisfy his passion : taking of the girl a photography of ambiguous erotism, a photography of the moment when innoncence fades away. After losing his privileges due to this act of treason, he is exposed to the frosted and hostile environment where survival is impossible. His penintence finally brings him back to a society he must now intergrate to avoid death. A society founded on the genocide of the Onas, natives of Tierra Del Fuego. A barbary the photograph did not want to see but in which he must now participate in order to earn his protection by this community. He resumes his role as a photographer and concludes his plunge into the abyss by capturing the silent massacre of the indigenous, soon hidden by the snow erasing the faces of the dead.

Spanich-French-Chilian-German coproduction with El Viaje Films, Don Quijote Films and Kundschafter Films.

Supported by World Cinema Fund, Eurimages, Creative Europe Media, Hubert Bals Fund, Programa IberMedia, ICAA (Spain), MCAP (Chile), CORFO, Gobierno de Canarias, RTVC and CreA.


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